Frank’s Story  

Several years ago, Frank Davis suffered from a condition that robbed him of his energy and left him in constant pain. Normally a “type A” personality, the onset of this condition was as debilitating mentally and emotionally as it was physically.

Frustrated by the lack of help he received from traditional medicine, Frank began looking for any solution that might help his condition. Ultimately, his search led him to a seminar that discussed the role of nutrition in human health, and how nutrient deficiencies could be the primary contributor to most of today’s diseases.

It was as if a veil had been lifted and a new perspective on health was beginning to present itself to Frank. He consulted one of the presenters, who owned a company that produced whole-food-based nutritional supplements. He agreed to design a product for Frank that would hopefully alleviate his symptoms. After only three weeks on the product Frank’s health completely reversed itself. His long-lost energy was back and his aches and pains had disappeared.

  Grateful for this new knowledge, Frank began sharing this product with anyone suffering from chronic problems. Based on the results he was seeing Frank believed that his product could benefit many more people and he, along with his founding team created Activz and launched its revolutionary products.. Based on the same principles that turned around Frank’s health, the Activz products are the ultimate in whole-food nutrition. In fact, there is nothing else like Activz available on the market today.  
* All of its nutrients are whole-food derived
* Its nutrients are just as they occur in nature
* There are no synthetic or fractionated vitamins
* The product is manufactured using a cold-vacuum process, retaining the entire vitamin complexes, organic minerals, enzymes, and other vital nutrients  
* Only the highest-grade ingredients have been selected, from the premier provider for each ingredient    
In short, Activz provides a wide range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients—just as they occur in nature, and in the same balance that you would find in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. The result is a value unrivaled by another product delivering levels of wellness and vitality many thought were impossible to enjoy.